Circulars and notices


Enter names in play register prior to ‘Tee Off’ kept with the starter near Tee No 1.

Collection/regular deposition of score cards.

Always carry sand and pitch repair tool.

Repair divots and pitch Marks.

Smoothening of bunkers.

Adhere to the applicable dress code.

Please note you are being observed. Help us to maintain the course.

Sincere co-operation is solicited.


It has come to the notice of management that some members are playing with disregard to the safety of fellow golfers. It is also seen that members are even Teeing Off on a Par 3 hole when its green is occupied. Such lapses are not acceptable. Golfers should NOT play until the players in front are out of range.

Some members do not follow the basic etiquettes of golf.

Golf is a game of GENTLEMEN. There is a need to be courteous to fellow golfers and ensure that your play does not harm/hurt anyone.

All members are requested to ensure and adhere to basic rules and etiquette of golf.


Damage to Greens. It is observed that some members are either putting on shoes with spikes or dragging their feet while walking on the Greens. Members are requested not to use shoes with spikes on the course. Members are also requested to take care of the greens in all aspects, that is, no dragging of feet while walking, repairing of pitch marks etc.

Repairing of Divots & Pitch marks. It is also seen that some members are still not repairing the divots. Kindly carry sand for repair as FWs divots and repair the pitch marks on the greens.


It has been noticed that members are throwing used disposable cups / cigarettes buds/wrappers etc on the course.

To facilitate waste mgt, dustbins have been placed nearby almost all Greens / Tees.

Members are requested not to litter the golf course and kindly use dustbins to help us keep the course/environment clean.

It is our course. Let us keep it clean.


It has been observed that a large No of members are taking very long to finish a game of golf. Time is of essence and therefore it is necessary to finish game in the reqd time period.

Being delayed by a slow four ball / three ball spoils the round of golf for those following.

All members kindly adhere to and maintain the Pace of Play at all times. Mgt will debar habitually slow members / fourballs from teeing off during peak period.


It has been noticed that some members are keeping permanent caddies by paying weekly/monthly/extra money than the stipulated caddy fees to attract them which is contrary to existing local rules & bye laws.

Members are requested to enter their names and membership No in the register kept with caddy master so that caddy master can provide caddy as per orders on the subject. No Caddy is allowed to enter through Squash Court gate.

Caddies will be provided to members only on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis in the serial order, BY THE CADDY MASTER ONLY.

Co-operation of members is solicited please.